About coffee

Now a days coffee has become more than just a drink. Coffee is now our culture, an economy, a passion, a science, and an art. If you are new to the brew world or you are an expert in espresso you will go deeply to have a cup of coffee every time, whether you want to take it with or without caffeine.

What is coffee?

Coffee is known as Coffea which comes from genus of plants. There are two important species of coffee, Robusta and Arabica. It went through 10 steps to have a coffee in your cup from seed.

  1. Planting the coffee tress by seeding
  2. Harvesting the coffee cherries
  3. Processing or fermentation the coffee cherries
  4. Drying the coffee beans
  5. Milling the coffee beans
  6. Exporting the coffee beans
  7. Tasting the coffee
  8. Roasting the coffee
  9. Grinding the coffee
  10. Brewing the coffee

Benefits of taking coffee

  1. Coffee improves your physical performance.
  2. Coffee improves your energy levels and makes you smarter.
  3. Coffee helps you to burn fat.
  4. Coffee can protect you from diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia.
  5. It also helps to protect your liver and fights against depression.

There are many more benefits that could be beneficials by taking coffee like protect from diabetes, contains nutrients, etc.