San Francisco SF bay coffee review

San Francisco (SF) bay coffee review
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A coffee lover always enjoys finding a solid bag of coffee, then grinding it and throwing it in the coffee machine, then making the desired coffee whether it’s an espresso or French press style. People always choose the best beans to have a tasteful and flavorful cup of coffee. Here we brought one of the well-known coffee brands “SF bay Coffee” to review it for you.

If we don’t get coffee in the morning it feels like the day is not started and we can’t do our stuff properly. That is why it is said, “Coffee is life”. According to the reports, in the United States of America, nearly 29.5 million 75-kilogram bags are consumed in the 2019/2020 fiscal year. Do you know how much 75-kilograms are? It is roughly 165 lbs., so it means 29.5 million lightweight boxing-sized bags of coffee were sold in the United States of America only.

Let’s grind up some beans together, add hot water, and see what our taste buds say. The review is based on each variety tested in the following 4 ways:

  • Drip
  • Pour-over
  • French press
  • Espresso

The following two SF Bay Coffee brands are tried:

SF Bay Coffee Rainforest blend

 SF Bay Coffee Rainforest blend

The rainforest blend has certified organic beans collected from around the world. The result of the rainforest blend is a smooth and full-bodied taste and has some citrus and floral notes.

SF Bay Coffee French roast blend

SF Bay Coffee French roast blend

This French roast blend is made from 100% Arabica been collected from all over the world. It contains bold, smokey, and dark roast flavor with intense.

Let’s try this SF Bay Coffee in each category


The smell is enough to keep you awake. When you will ground the beans and start brewing slow drip that time you will smell the goodness. The flavor was smokey and smooth (in French roast). The rainforest blend has a refined yet refreshing citrus flavor and it is smooth as well.


When you will pour the water through the grounds you will smell the bold flavors of SF Bay Coffee . Because the water absorbs more of the flavors and oils of the beans, you will taste more smokey flavor in the French roast and a citrus taste in the rainforest blend.


Quite possible, SF Bay Coffee Espresso will be your favorite way to make coffee. When you pushed some water through tightly packed grounds, it will give your coffee an intense flavor (like caffeine rush). The rainforest blend will give you floral and citrus notes. French roast is solid and it will give you a smokey flavor but it is not that overpowering, at a point you will feel like drinking a BBQ pit.

French press

Nowadays, the French press is the most popular style of making coffee. But remember, it will take a little longer if you are craving some caffeine in a right way of taste, if you keep patience’s then you will find a great cup of coffee. In French roast, the French press has a silky, smooth, and slightly thicker texture as compared to other brews. The French press will be a flavorful taste you will ever have. Furthermore, the SF Bay Coffee rainforest blend is outstanding, the flavors are very clear, smooth, and creamy texture. The beans are revealing and fantastic as well.


Try SF Bay Coffee (San Francisco Bay Coffee) above two varieties and see what your taste buds’ thoughts are. Both varieties (Rainforest blend and French Roast) by San Francisco (SF) bay coffee are amazing in terms of grounding, brewing, and tasting. You will fall in love if you once try these 100% organic coffee beans to have some real magic.

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