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This AeroPress Coffee maker is very easy to make a cup of coffee within 30 seconds. This is designed to have a coffee at home in a reasonable amount of coffee machine. There is a lot of coffee machine available in the market but they all costly, this AeroPress will give you sweetest coffee by following the few simple steps.

Aeropress Coffee
Aeropress Coffee acc
  1. Push the plunger to take it out of the chamber.
  2. Take a microfilter.
  3. Put it in the cap.
  4. Attach the cap to the chamber by twisting.
  5. Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug. (don’t use any other cup or glass that is not sturdy)
  6. Add one rounded scoop of fine drip grind coffee.
  7. Give a little bit of shake to level it.
  8. Add water up to about 1 ½ on the chamber (till Level 1, 80° C water for a hot brew and tap water for a cold brew).
  9. Stir it (10 seconds for a hot brew and one minute for a cold brew).
  10. Insert the plunger and press it gently until it reaches grounds (you can pause while you feel resistance)
  11. Then, remove the filter by pushing the plunger to eject.
  12. Rinse the chamber.

After this, now you have to choose which coffee you want to make.

  • For espresso-style coffee, drink as it is.
  • For latte-style coffee, add some milk to make a 237 ml latte.
  • For cold brew coffee, add ice or tap water to make 237 ml of cold brew.
  • For American-style coffee, add water to make it a 237 ml American coffee.

The AeroPress cleaning is very easy and it comes with 350 disposable microfilters. This Aeropress coffee machine is a very low cost and easy to use the coffee machine, especially for homes.

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