Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
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The coffee dripper by Hario is an amazing coffee maker/dripper that provides you a cup of coffee in few simple steps. The design of the coffee dripper is very amazing it looks like a cup and saucer that has a hole to get dripped. The material of this coffee dripper is durable and made with a ceramic body that can retain heat at a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle.

  1. Fold a filter and place it on the dripper.
  2. Rinse with some boiling water to warm the dripper and remove any smell.
  3. Then dispose of the water from the server.
  4. After that, add ground coffee as required.
  5. Shake it lightly to level the ground coffee.
  6. Pour boiling water from the center of ground coffee for 30 seconds (make sure the water is not touching the filter paper).
  7. Remove the dripper after getting your coffee done.

The above process is for 1 cup of coffee that takes 3 minutes in total extraction. The large single hole can change the coffee taste according to the speed of boiling water flow. This V60 coffee dripper by Hario is manufactured and designed in Japan and has a strong quality to hold the boiled water.

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