Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine

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This Nespresso vertuo next coffee machine by Delonghi is made from company recycled plastic. It provides great quality coffee just with a click of a button and has the built-inbarista “brain” that can identify each vertuo pod before it gets brewed. Also, it has a removable water tank. There are 6 brew sizes in the Nespresso coffee machine.

  1. 5-ounce coffee
  2. 8-ounce coffee
  3. 14-ounce coffee
  4. 18-ounce coffee (new pour-over style)
  5. Single espresso
  6. Double espresso

Just you have to do add the pod, press a button and drink a perfect cup of coffee with the Nespresso coffee machine. It has water-stopping and filling functionality at any point without affecting the crema.

This machine can easily be put into the kitchen due to its compact sizing. It does not have the froth milk capacity, if you are a cappuccino lover you will need to store small milk forth with this Nespresso coffee machine. Also, it has energy-saving technology that turns it off after each brew if not in use for few minutes.

The Nespresso vertuo next coffee machine delivers your coffee directly into a cup with each blend it uses capsule-specific brewing with a barcode reader to provide you a silky crema at top of the coffee. It makes it a sign of a truly great cup of coffee.

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